Two weeks to go before the 2016 AES Conference starts!  Have a look at Carina Calzoni's thoughts, Clear Horizon's director in WA and Conference Co-Convener.

The 2016 AES Conference is getting very close now and we in the Organising Committee are doing our final preparations for what will be a fabulous conference. Not only do we have spectacular landscapes in WA to attract delegates from far and wide, we have a really exciting conference program in place. The committee has worked hard to build in something for everyone and make this a memorable conference for all.

Surprisingly, my role as Co-Convener has been relatively stress free so far. It has involved a fair bit of juggling between my work commitments, family and conference planning, but the organising committee has all done their bit along the way.

Bill Wallace (AES Executive Officer) has been fantastic at keeping everything going and doing a lot of the run around. It has also been really helpful having someone local in the support role (Brigette Lacey) to take minutes, prepare the agenda and follow up on local logistical tasks.  At this stage, we are set to host a fantastic and thought provoking conference.  And I have actually enjoyed the process. Working with a diverse group of committed volunteers has been a real highlight. Everyone has brought something interesting to the discussions and I think it will really show in the program. For example, we recognise that for a significant number of the delegates this will be their first AES conference and many of them are new to evaluation. So we have designed a number of sessions specifically targeted to this group, including an ‘Evaluation 101’ session at the start of the conference.

If I was asked to do this again, I would happily say yes, but only if it involved working with the same group of passionate people. 

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