The Telstra Foundation


Telstra Foundation was looking to find a way to tell the overall performance story of its investments. While it routinely conducted external evaluations of individual investments, it struggled to capture the performance at the portfolio level. It was around this time that the Foundation reached out to Clear Horizon.


One of the first things we did together was to co-develop a ‘theory of change’ that aimed to show how all the investments fit together to achieve important outcomes around social inclusion for young people. We had several cycles of this, including with the invovement of partners.

Our brief was to provide a ‘light M&E framework’ that didn’t over burden partners. Once we had the theory of change in place we were able to co-design a ‘light measurement framework’ to collect some basic consistent yet rigourous data from all partners, as well as introducing the MSC technique for capturing instances of impact. We then provided support to the Foundation’s partners to collect data against the new framework. Before long the measurement system was up and running, and continually evolving in the capable hands on the Telstra Foundation team.

In my 25 years of corporate life working in CSR programs, I had never met a better evaluation team that not only delivered beyond our expectations but has also provided a value-add to the team and our partners in terms of evaluation skills/capability (Telstra Foundation General Manager).

On the back of this we also provided support to develop an investment framework to ensure strategic selection of future investments,

We love the work the Clear Horizon’s team has delivered to set the Foundation up for success and most importantly, Jess is a delight to work with – no nonsense and  lands the gig everytime! (Tesltra Foundation General Manager)