Back in December 2017, Tom Hannon and Jess Dart posted the first Design & Evaluation – We’re better together blog. At the time, Clear Horizon had just finished delivering our first public training on the Integrated Design, Evaluation and Engagement with Purpose (InDEEP) Framework, which we developed with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI).

The InDEEP Framework sets out the design cycle in five phases (discover, define, prototyping, piloting and scaling) and the potential evaluative inputs for each design phase (design research, developmental testing, pilot evaluation and broader impacts). The framework was the ‘cleaned up’ output of Clear Horizon and TACSI’s reflections from their two-year journey to bring together the disciplines of design and evaluation.

As we continue to work at the crossroads of design and evaluation, we continue to reflect on how these two disciplines can best meld together and leverage each other. Of late, we have been running what we are calling ‘Breath In’ retreats where evaluators, designers and other backbone  practitioners come together to reflect on what they are learning and to tackle challenges offline.

And we are not the only ones!

This month, there are some really interesting events taking place which continue this exploration:

It’s exciting to be part of this growing community of design and evaluation practitioners that are all engaging in combining our disciplines to achieve better outcomes.