User Guide

In 2015 Rick Davies and Jess Dart published the  User Guide for the Most Significant Change Technique in English. It is aimed at organisations, community groups, students and academics who wish to use MSC to help monitor and evaluate their social change programs and projects, or to learn more about how it can be used. It since been translated into 12 different languages.

Quick start Guide

Clear Horizon also developed a Quick-Start Guide which aims to help groups design an MSC system for their program or project and guides them through a series of questions. It is shorter and more basic than the User Guide, and is not intended to be a stand-alone document.

MSC E-Group

The Most Significant Changes eGroup was formed to promote discussion about the use of the “Most Significant Change” technique. It is a very useful resource for posting questions and discussions about the use of MSC. It also has a fairly extensive file repository of documents relating to MSC. This eGroup acts both as a repository of information about people’s experiences with MSC to date, and as a nursery for ideas of how to take the method further. The eGroup is moderated by by Rick Davies and by Jess Dart. Click here to connect to the Most Significant Changes eGroup.