Organisation-wide strategic and corporate plans generally outline goals and/or outcomes, and set of measures to accompany them, but they are often developed without regard to the theory(s) of change underpinning the change they are seeking, or any analysis of cause and effect.

As a result we often end up with strategies or organisational plans that are not particular strategic, and on top of that, measures that don’t help us understand whether we are achieving our strategic priorities.

In October, one of Clear Horizon’s Directors - Lee-Anne Molony - ran a two-day public training course that sought to demonstrate how to build truly strategic and measurable outcome frameworks at an organisational level. This used methods commonly utilised to clarify an evaluand and develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks at the program and project level, but adapted for the strategy and organisational levels.

Lee-Anne introduced participants to the challenges and principles unique to org-wide outcomes frameworks, in particular the issues of representation and politics in the outcomes ‘architecture’, as well as balancing lead and lag indicators for more meaningful measurement.

We had 14 participants, working in small groups on a set of real examples that participants brought from their own organisations. We got lots of feedback on the usefulness of the course for framing/developing participants’ thinking around their individual organisational outcomes challenges as well as ways in which the course could be better structured/formatted, etc. for future, including post-course follow up. Improvements/suggested changes were really important to understand as a new course - so thanks all for your very useful feedback!