It has been 6 months since some of our consultants committed to diverse New Years Eval-utions. In this blog we check in with them to see how they are progressing.

Jess Dart, Founding Director

Jess’s Eval-ution: Trying different evaluation methods
“I have been having some wins against my resolution. I encouraged two different clients to have a go at internal evaluation plus external verification. One is complete and can be found here, and the other is still in process. I have also been trying contribution analysis and some interesting mash-ups with outcome harvesting and MSC.”

Carina Calzoni, Director

Carina’s Eval-ution: Help clients to focus on meaningful monitoring
“I am making real progress on this. Recently, I worked with a client to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for a project with ambitious outcomes. To start the process, we worked through a planning workshop with the team to scope the audience, purpose and KEQs and to review and revise the program logic. Based on this, I then worked one-to-one with the project manager to develop a clear plan for the data collection and review process. It worked really well and it was a great experience to be able to show the real value of planning for meaningful monitoring.”

Caitlin Barry, Senior Consultant

Caitlin’s Eval-ution: Develop evaluation plans that make sense to the client
“Unlike my personal New Year’s resolution of going for a run 3 times a week, I am actually close to achieving this eval-ution! I have been working with a Victorian Government agency to develop an evaluation plan. To begin the process it was helpful for them to look through example evaluation plans and identify the format and style that resonated most with their organisation. This helped them to identify that they did not want a separate implementation plan, but an evaluation plan with clear guidance on the steps required to undertake the evaluation. Ensuring the use of language and concepts already familiar to the organisation, and carefully tailoring the steps required to implement the evaluation plan to the organisation’s needs, is making a big different to the accessibility and usefulness of the plan.”

Angelos Blackwood, Consultant

Angelos’ Eval-ution: Better draw upon Information and Communication Technologies in M&E
“Apart from playing Pokemon Go, I and four other colleagues formed a technology working group. As part of this group, I undertook a SWOT analysis of our use of ICT in Clear Horizon and suggested a number of programs that can improve the technology of our M&E offerings.”

Thomas Hannon, Consultant

Thomas’ Eval-ution:  When scoping projects, focus on asking the right questions.

“I am making progress. Under the guidance of senior Clear Horizon staff I’ve been an active participant in inception meetings and had my project management responsibilities stepped up. As a result, have I learnt what the right questions are? Not exactly but I do have a better handle on a useful scoping process to work through and generate the right conversation.”
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