I went to a pre-conference workshop at #AES18LST led by Dr Penny Hagen from Auckland co-design-lab. She walked us a gentle journey down the path of co-design that has values at its heart. She also walked us through the very organic connection between co-design developmental evaluation. The future is integrated design and evaluation, like our Integrated Design, Evaluation and Engagement with Purpose (InDEEP) framework, and after today, I am even more convinced.

Along the way we played with some simple, visual generative tools (that I wanted to bundle up into my suitcase, immediately!). Luckily for us, all the resources are free and online. In particular, I wished I had known about the rubric and card pack they have developed for assessing co-design capability and conditions. I also liked the COM-B framework – so simple when thinking about strategies for behaviour change in terms of capability, opportunity and motivation.