Our company has conducted well over a hundred independent evaluations across a range of sectors and settings. Our speciality is delivering mixed-method program evaluations that provide evidence-based findings and strategic recommendations.

We strive to ensure that our evaluation products are matched to your needs. When you engage us to work on an evaluation, you’ll receive a customised plan that provides a clearly described methodology and scoped evaluation. We draw from a wide range of methods from interviews, focus groups, survey, photo voice and creative techniques such as our flagship technique MSC (Most Significant Change) and more. We are adept at both quantitative and qualitative analysis. We offer a range of reports styles including accessible reports, infographics and more. As a client, we will partner with you to ensure that recommendations are actionable and help your organisation evolve and deliver on outcomes. 

We are passionate about building evaluation capacity as it not only helps with maximising the use of evaluation; it also leads to better programs. We are able to tailor our level of engagement and style of evaluation to meet your needs and budget. If you wish to follow a participatory process, we can design and facilitate engagement process to foster ownership. We can also draw on expert knowledge and scholarly evidence as required.

We can help you deliver ‘performance story reports’ and ‘contribution analysis’ to demonstrate your program’s impact. Our flagship approach ‘Collaborative Outcomes Reporting (COR)’ is recognised world-wide as an innovative approach for assessing impact.  We also provide support on performance audit methodology. 

We’ve been designing innovative and human-centred evaluation frameworks for over 15 years, it’s what we do best.

Monitoring & Evaluation can help you:

  • Obtain clear and timely evidence to help you understand how you are tracking
  • Provide evidence to report and be accountable to your stakeholders and funders
  • Use the evidence to reflect on your progress and transform your program
  • Deliver on your program outcomes.

Our approach to building monitoring and evaluation frameworks is collaborative. We often start by conducting a situation analysis to understand what you need and what you already have in place. We facilitate a program clarification process with you to get clear about your theory of change and expected results. From here we work with you to design a tailored monitoring, evaluation and learning framework that suits your context.

You can contract us just for the development of the framework, or we can help clarify the logic/ theory of change in the design phase of your program and provide mentoring, facilitation and reporting services throughout implementation. We can:

  1. Develop your monitoring and evaluation framework
  2. Developing the data collection tools and systems for analysing your progress
  3. Provide implementation support throughout your program such as facilitating reflection workshops, compiling reports and mentoring.

Over the last 15 years we have run over a thousand workshops to help people design their projects and programs. A key part of this is program logic and theory of change facilitation.

Developing a program logic in design requires ‘backward mapping’. That is, we start with the intended outcomes and map backwards to think through what would be the essential preconditions needed to achieve these outcomes. Eventually we map down to consider strategies or theories of action for interventions. When models are developed in a participatory manner like this, they often help groups to come to consensus about realistic ways of achieving valued outcomes.

You want to make a difference, and so do we.

Investing time and effort on the front end of programs can help you really deliver lasting legacy for your stakeholders. An added benefit is that you not only get more outcomes, but you can demonstrate them too.

We work in the capacity of “design facilitator”, combining design thinking with our strong evaluation credentials and facilitation skills. We can:

  1. Plan your program logic or theory of workshop, facilitate and document the proceedings. 
  2. Help you plan the methodology and process for designing your program or strategy
  3. Facilitate your design process, from situation analysis, stakeholder analysis, investment frameworks, risk analysis, and determining the outcomes and implementation strategies.
  4. Lead your program or strategy design team, conduct research, engage with stakeholders and produce a program design or strategy document.

Engaging us means you get access to our whole organisation - from our consultants right up to the directors, we're available to provide diagnosis and strategic advice for your organisation.

We can also facilitate planning processes and workshops on strategic planning, investment frameworks and more. 


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Clear Horizon has experience in co-design and evaluation for place based approaches, systems change initiatives, and collective impact. We can assist you and your collaboration with shared measurement, dashboards, evaluation, capacity building, developmental evaluation, progress measurement, design and mapping of intermediate outcomes, strategic learning, contribution analysis, mentoring and more.

Clear Horizon is partnering with key players who have systems change ambitions including philanthropy, government agencies, service providers, social innovation designers, and backbone teams to bring place-based program design and evaluation together. We recently (2018) led a co-design process for developing an evaluation framework and toolkit for place-based initiatives in Australia and piloted the framework by using it to review Logan Together (Queensland) as proof of concept, in collaboration with all levels of government, philanthropic groups and over 150 practitioners. Read more here.

We use strong collaborative approaches that can support the building of collective ownership, and take a capacity building approach in all our work. We have in-depth experience of evaluation capacity building and run an extensive range of public and bespoke training and mentoring packages, including Complexity Aware Monitoring and Evaluation Learning and Adaption and Evaluating Place-based Approaches.