"Putting it forward"

The month of April we have been supporting “Share the Dignity”( https://www.sharethedignity.com.au/) .  Share the Dignity supports women who are homeless and victims of domestic violence.  Every April and August they ask the public to donate pads and tampons to collection points throughout the country. At the end of the month they donate the thousands of packets of unopened sanitary products to their partner charities.

We here at Clear Horizon have been collecting sanitary products to donate to this program.

For the month of May we will be supporting the Cancer Council and hosting a morning tea on the 21st of May for the Biggest Morning tea!   The week starting 27th of May is National Reconciliation Week.  We are looking forward to hosting an event during this week to support the growth of the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people and the broader community.

In 2015, we established the Clear Horizon Foundation, to which we provide 4% of our pre-tax profit. We make distributions every year as per the legislation governing the Foundation. The objective of the Foundation is to engage Clear Horizon staff in a giving program that supports Clear Horizon’s core values, specifically our value around being a ‘force for social and environmental good’.  At our Annual staff retreat in 2015, we determined that Indigenous reconciliation and climate change would be the target for our donations. Reconciliation Australia has been a consistent recipient since the Foundation was established, along with other organisations including the Climate Council of Australia, the National Malleefowl Recovery Team (NMRT) and Launch Housing. In the Foundation’s first year, we also donated to Bowel Cancer Australia in recognition of the very sad and premature passing of a staff member’s sister due to bowel cancer. In 2019, we have committed to supporting the Lived Experience Evaluators Project, at the Asylum Seekers’ Resource Centre.

In addition to Foundation distributions, we supported many wonderful causes in 2018.  These are a few of our more recent monthly initiatives we ran in the office:

  • Monetary donations to the Buy a Bale foundation, assisting farmers in drought areas in northern NSW and QLD.
  • Book donations to Brotherhood Books, an arm of Brotherhood St Laurence for second-hand books.
  • Work wear donations for Wear for Success, to support people who require business attire for job interviews and first weeks at jobs if they are unable to afford to do so.
  • Monetary donations to IKa in Indonesia, to assist with second wave relief after the tsunami and earthquakes in Sumatra.
  • Food donations for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

At Clear Horizon we are serious about sustainability. We have a passionate green team who have driven our sustainability policy over several years now. Some highlights include: 

  • We've made energy efficient and temperature-regulating upgrades to our offices
  • We've installed a solar PV system at our head office. 
  • We've replaced our halogen lights with energy-efficient LEDs.
  • We provide facilities to support cycling to work - Our staff cycle an average of 12,000kms to and from work per year.
  • We purchase carbon offsets when we fly.
  • We have a sustainable purchasing policy which includes only purchasing paper that does not compromise old growth forests. 
  • We recycle paper, plastics, cardboard and e-waste, and divert 70kg of organic food waste from landfill into our worm farm annually.
  • We use Tri Nature cleaning products that are made from natural materials and pose no threat to our country's ecology and fauna.

We are a value-based company and we make deliberate choices about who we work with to maintain our principles of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Clear Horizon acknowledges the rights of Indigenous people both within Australia and overseas, and works proactively for social justice. We are committed to conserving Australia’s biodiversity and strengthening our local community.We constantly strive to be a learning organisation. A key part of this is to foster a culture where constructive feedback is routinely sought from our clients and our staff, and received by all with curiosity and openness.

We strive to be a friendly and positive workplace that values our employees and respects the need for, and supports, the effective integration of work and life.