An innovative social impact measurement tool combining business intelligence, data analytics and the latest in mobile and cloud technology, Track2Change™ can help your organisation simply and effectively communicate shared goals and collective progress.

Track2Change™ offers:

  • Data visualisation dashboards (web-based or via desktop application)
  • Integration with mobile-friendly, easy-to-use online data collection tools
  • Data preparation and quality checking
  • Secure, cloud-based data storage.
6 Reasons to try Track2Change™

Benefits of this all-in-one platform include:

  1. Increased transparency and accountability to funders, staff, board members and clients
  2. Ability to demonstrate success and scale capability to funders
  3. Access to real-time data to support evidence-based decision making and agile ways of working
  4. Access to real-time results against targets to inspire and motivate staff
  5. Ability to engage with and provide feedback to clients using real-time results
  6. A secure one-stop shop for data collection, storage and reporting.

Clear Horizon offers Track2Change™ as either a standalone platform for your existing measurement framework, or as part of an end-to-end measurement solution designed specifically for your organisation.

To find out more, download a product brochure or contact us today to request a free Track2Change™ live demonstration.

Featured Track2Change™ Case Studies

Windana Drug and Alcohol recovery


Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery sought an integrated solution to meaningfully engage clients in their recovery process that could also be used to track and measure organisational performance against to-be-determined outcomes targets.


As part of an end-to-end solution, we worked with Windana to develop outcomes targets and corresponding data collection tools (online client surveys) that could be integrated with dashboard technology to provide real-time updates. Using survey data, we developed two dashboard tools for Windana: client-results dashboards (pictured above), providing instant feedback on individual progress; and an organisational performance dashboard, tracking aggregated data against targets. The client-results dashboard is the first of its kind in the sector, offering the opportunity for early intervention based on real-time results.

Outer East Primary Care Partnership


A new partnership, this collaboration required a shared approach to facilitate and capture community conversations over a 90 day sprint, where feedback was sought in relation to youth and alcohol.


We designed a partnership-branded dashboard and ipad/mobile responsive survey tools to deliver an auto-refreshing dashboard. In addition to capturing community responses, Track2Change™ also provided insights on survey respondent demographics, enabling the collaboration to target different genders/ages throughout the campaign. While the word cloud is one method of reporting on qualitative data, users still had the option to view and filter complete individual responses. The back-end database capturing interviewer names also helped motivate and hold stakeholders accountable to their community engagement targets