The blue marble flying through the universe is not so small...
posted by By Byron Pakula on 20 Sep 2018

The vivid picture of the ‘tiny blue marble’ as seen from space that is our only home, Earth, conjures many emotions. Though the feeling of smallness is not one of them for me, nor are the challenges that Michael Quinn Patton laid out in his keynote welcome speech at the

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The smallest Russian Doll…
posted by A practitioner's take on developmental evaluation on 10 Sep 2018

By Zazie Tolmer

Late last year an opportunity came up for a Clear Horizon consultant to work full time as an embedded evaluator in a Collective Impact initiative. I jumped at the opportunity and have been part of the backbone team for the last eight months.

Over that time,...

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New Partnership Set to Bring Social Impact Measurement into the Digital Era
posted by on 10 Sep 2018

Digital start-up Navigating Outcomes to join world-class evaluation company Clear Horizon in joint bid to transform Australian social impact landscape.

There were many unknowns when Australian evaluator Jen Riley first set out to create her own social impact consultancy,...

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Agile theory of change
posted by By Jess Dart and Zazie Tolmer on 3 Sep 2018

Over the last few years, as we work more in the social innovation space, our practice has been fruitfully challenged. Ten years ago the majority of our work focused on programs. Increasingly, as evaluators, we provide services across initiatives working towards effecting system chang...

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The what else tool: A basic way to strengthen your impact claims and avoid having egg on your face!
posted by By Jess Dart on 3 Aug 2018

I have been getting excited about process tracing recently; for example, as used in

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Shared measurement versus evaluation in collective impact
posted by By Jess Dart and Jen Riley on 10 Jul 2018

Shared measurement is a core part of collective impact (CI), a form of place-based approach to collaborative, community-directed efforts to bring about social change. In a nutshell, shared measurement is th...

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Reflections from the InDEEP training
posted by Integrated Design, Evaluation and Engagement with Purpose. on 11 Jun 2018

Liz Bloom, Consultant (Clear Horizon)

As a new staff member at Clear Horizon it was very helpful to attend Clear Horizon’s Integrated Design, Evaluation and Engagement with Purpose (InDEEP) training recently here in Melbourne. The training was facilitated...

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Reflections from the Complexity and Evaluation Conference
posted by By Liz Bloom and Edgar Daly on 6 Jun 2018

Recently, a few of the members from the Social Innovation Team at Clear Horizon were lucky enough to attend the Complexity and Evaluation conference, led by Collaboration for Impact. It was a busy couple of days and a fant...

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Adult Learning Principles and Styles: Area's to Consider When Delivering Training
posted by A blog by Rini Mowson on 9 Mar 2018

As part of our internal staff capacity building at Clear Horizon, we organise fortnightly learning and development sessions. Last week we discussed adult learning principles and styles, and how these guide the facilitation process of training activities and workshops that we deliver....

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Qualitative Comparative Analysis – a method for the evaluator’s tool-kit
posted by A new blog from Angelos Blackwood at Clear Horizon on 9 Mar 2018

I recently attended a five-day course on Qualitative Comparative Analysis run by the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research at the Australian National University. Apart from wanting to be a university student again, if only for a week, I wanted to better underst...

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Designing Rubrics for Evaluation
posted by A blog from Rini Mowson on 23 Feb 2018

Designing Rubrics for Evaluation Last week, I attended an Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) workshop on “Foundations of Rubric Design”. It was a thought-provoking workshop. Kystin Martens, the presenter of the workshop, explained and challenged our understanding about rubric design...

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Updated 5 day Complexity Aware Monitoring and Evaluation, Learning based and Adaption - CAMELA
posted by on 22 Feb 2018

Our lead facilitators Dr Jess Dart (founding director) and Carina Calzoni (Director) have made an exciting change to the format of Clear Horizon’s 5-day Complexity Aware Monitoring and Evaluation, Learning based and Adaption training ...

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Join Clear Horizon and TACSI for an exciting training event - Register now! Limited spaces
posted by on 15 Feb 2018

Join Clear Horizon and TACSI for a new 3-day training on bringing together the worlds of Design and Evaluation! For more information and to sign up check out the “Evaluation and Design” public training course. You can also see our reflections fr...

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Three Golden Nuggets from the Australian Aid Conference
posted by By Byron Pakula on 14 Feb 2018

Damien Sweeney and I were fortunate enough to participate in the Australian Aid Conference 2018, hosted by the Crawford School at ANU. The conversations in the halls between panels were just as good as the presentations themselves, sparking many nuggets of thoughts to take us through 2018...

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Clear Horizon's 2018 Eval-utions
posted by by Edgar Daly on 7 Feb 2018

It’s that time of year again. The team at Clear Horizon have returned from their respective holidays—hiking the Andes nourished only by water and thoughts of the year to come; making prides of lions more efficient in the African savannah; lying on a desert island accompanied by the wisdom of the ...

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We're Hiring - 3 short term contracts - DFAT Nauru
posted by Sector Specialists - up to 43 days- homebased and in-country inputs on 31 Jan 2018

Clear Horizon is seeking 3 Sector Specialists (education, public sector management and infrastructure) short-term, to undertake reviews of the Australian Government’s (DFAT’s) education, public sector management and infrastructure investments in Nauru. The aim of the review is to suppo...

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We're Hiring! 3 roles available
posted by on 18 Jan 2018

Clear Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd is a vibrant consultancy specializing in co-design, monitoring and evaluation. We have a fantastic team culture, are a value-based company and we make deliberate choices about who we work with to maintain our principles of social ju...

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Evaluation consultants opportunities – Various positions: Clear Horizon
posted by on 20 Dec 2017

Clear Horizon
Deadline: Tuesday 16th January 2018

Clear Horizon is a vibrant consultancy business specialising in program design, evaluation and evaluation capacity building. The team is growing and we are looking to recruit several positions:

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Design & Evaluation – We’re Better Together
posted by By Tom Hannon and Jess Dart on 12 Dec 2017

Last month Clear Horizon and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) had a great time delivering our new and sold out course on reconciling the worlds of Human Centred Design (HCD) & evaluation. Hot off the ...

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Day 3: Washington AEA Conference #Eval17
posted by By Jess Dart on 13 Nov 2017

Day 3 started for me at 8am on evaluation failures. It was a very honest session, (felt a wee bit like giving confession) but a great way to open up the field differently. Stephanie Evergreen shared failing to get people to use effective data visualization, Patricia Rogers got up there and ...

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Days 1 & 2: Washington AEA Conference #Eval17
posted by By Jess Dart on 10 Nov 2017

Wednesday afternoon at the #Eval17 AEA was quite extraordinary - I sat there with over 4,000 evaluators in the plenary as Kathy Newcomer, president of the A...

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Inspired by Michael Patton’s principle-focused evaluation Washington AEA Conference #Eval17
posted by By Jess Dart on 8 Nov 2017

I had the privilege of attending Michael Quinn Patton's workshop on principles-focused developmental evaluation. To be honest, it wasn't what I was expecting; I was thinking I would learn more about developmental evaluation. While I did this, it was also a different and fascinating journey...

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Developing Theories of Action through behaviour change knowledge and practice
posted by Damien Sweeney on 15 Sep 2017

It was a privilege to present in front of a full room at AES 2017! Who knew so many people were interested in behaviour change! Slides from the presentation are here.

Behaviour change interventions undertake activit...

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Technology in M&E: Four questions to help you find your technology solution
posted by By Angelos Blackwood on 13 Sep 2017

Ask M&E professionals about technology in M&E and you will get a mix of excitement and uncertainty. There is excitement about the possibilities that technology can offer, but uncertainty about which technologies to use. Before we wade into this, let’s actually define what we me...

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Interrogating the logic of evaluators’ influence
posted by by Malcolm Ramsay on 8 Sep 2017

The themes I noticed at #AES17 included quite a few disheartening ones: the powerlessness of evidence and knowledge (our fine evaluation products!) in the current socio-political environment; the constraints on evaluators imposed by commissioners (she/he who pays the piper, calls the tune)...

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AES conference 2017 Canberra Reflections
posted by By Jess Dart on 8 Sep 2017

Tired but encouraged after 5 days at the #AES17CBR conference. The keynote speakers were outstanding this year. Three main themes stood out for me.

In different ways, all the keynote speakers challenged us to question th...

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Of sustainability and reconciliation - AES conference 2017 Canberra
posted by By Lee-Anne Molony on 7 Sep 2017

There were two stand-out presentations for me at the #aes17CBR, which concludes in Canberra today. On reflection I’ve realised a large part of why these resonated with me has to do with the values of our business, Clear Horizon Consulting, which aspires to work with people and organisations...

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Understanding Failure to Manage Conflict
posted by This blog is based on on the panel discussions titled “Resolving Conflict in Evaluation Practice”. Panel members include: Anthea Rutter, Patricia Rogers, Jenny Neale, Rick Cummings, Scott Bayley and John Owen on 7 Sep 2017

“Should evaluators avoid conflict?” Anthea posed this incisive question while presenting her case study, only to be retorted by Scott that there is a “difference in managing conflict as opposed to avoiding conflict”. And off it went, an amazing discussion by the panel and the audience me...

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“Without becoming sustainability ready, we [evaluators] are not relevant” – Andy Rowe, AES Conference 2017 Canberra
posted by By Byron Pakula on 6 Sep 2017

What a refreshing talk (call to arms?) from Andy, particularly at 4pm on Day 2 of such a thought-inspiring conference! Andy has thrown down the gauntlet to all of us to make sure that we remain relevant. And Jess Dart, who convened the keynote, also taught us how to say Anthropocene, the...

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Reflections on the Collaborate for Impact conference
posted by By Jess Dart on 21 Jul 2017

Just spent a stimulating three days in Canberra at the Collaborate for Impact conference. It’s all about Collective Impact

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Clear Horizon’s growing partnership with Solidaritas and upcoming joint training
posted by Christina Bagot on 21 Jun 2017

Over the last year Clear Horizon has formed a close working partnership with SOLIDARITAS, a niche M&E consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This partnership is built on a shared passion for tailoring meaningful M&E solutions for organisations across a range of social, environme...

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A deeper dive into design
posted by Tom Hannon on 20 Jun 2017

This year Clear Horizon has been continuing to learn about the nexus between the growing practice of Design Thinking in social and environmental interventions with evaluative practice.

We’ve enjoyed pulling our own ideas as well as learning from others through the AES Spe...

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Powerful insights and stories of Most Significant Change taking place across Africa!
posted by Marty Pritchard on 20 Jun 2017

Since joining, Clear Horizon earlier this year, I’ve really enjoyed engaging with clients on different ways to elicit and present program outcomes. An interesting and compelling way to collect program outcomes is through personal stories of change using the

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Organisational Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): Masterclass recap
posted by Stuart Raetz on 15 Jun 2017

Recently Clear Horizon ran a Masterclass entitled “Organisational outcomes and meaningful measures”. This Masterclass arose from of our own organisational strategic planning sessions where it became apparent we need to consolidate our knowledge in this space. We are increasingly requested t...

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We are Hiring - Senior Evaluation Consultant - Aid Effectiveness / Trade & Inclusive Economic Growth
posted by on 5 Jun 2017

Clear Horizon is a vibrant consultancy business specialising in program design, evaluation and evaluation capacity building. We work across all sectors, for all levels of government, non for profit organisations, industry bodies and multilateral and bilateral donors. We require a dynamic per...

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Slides show of SIPSI methodology
posted by Jess Dart on 30 May 2017

This slide show provides an overview of the SIPSI methodology as presented at the AES 2016 conference. It also provides a case study of how it was used in DFAT Indonesia.

SIPSI technique.pdf

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Evaluating complex social change programs
posted by Vicki Williams on 18 May 2017

I have been involved in evaluation since the early 2000’s and understand that it has been a discipline that has always understood the complexity of the world in which programs are designed and implemented. In many cases evaluation (and here I am talking about the discipline of evaluatio...

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Piloting a ‘light touch’ Episode Study
posted by Stuart Raetz on 16 Nov 2016

Recently we have noticed a groundswell of interest in how to evaluate policy influence; a notoriously slippery thing to catch hold of. This is in part due to the multitude of forces that drive policy change but also because change usually happens over a long period with many different actor...

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Evaluator interrupted
posted by Dr. Jess Dart reflects on the trends and innovations that evaluators should keep an eye on. on 25 Oct 2016

Last week I presented a keynote at the Australian Association for Environmental Education annual conference. The conference theme was “future making”. As a mega science fiction nerd, this got me excited and thinking about the future trends ...

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‘Hold your guns, this is a Summit Workshop’
posted by on 7 Oct 2016

In this blog one of our Senior Consultants Stuart Raetz shares his experience of Summit Workshops.

A ‘summit workshop’ is a workshop that Clear Horizon often runs at the end of a collaborative outcomes reporting (C...

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Highlights from day three of the AES 2016 in Perth, Dr Jess Dart
posted by on 22 Sep 2016

Evidence-based mantra. The day kicked off with Kathryn Newcomer, President Elect of American Evaluation Association (AEA), who described the “evidence-based mantra” that has American decision-makers in its grips. Kathryn gave us a fascinating glimpse into how evidence does, and does...

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Key themes from day two of AES 16: Design and evaluation, by Dr Jess Dart
posted by on 21 Sep 2016

A gap in policy evaluation. On day 2 of the conference, John Owen, our keynote speaker, gave us a comprehensive overview of the territory of evaluation thinking and practice in Australasia. He did some analysis of articles in the

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Reflections from day one at AES 2016 conference, Dr Jess Dart
posted by on 19 Sep 2016

Great first day at the AES conference in Perth and I am proud that Clear Horizon is sponsoring such a great event.

A great start with a strong focus on Culture. Our very own Director, Carina Calzoni, opened the conference and handed over to Shaun Nannup for the welcome to ...

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The national Lifetimewool project: A journey in evaluation
posted by Jess Dart et al on 16 Sep 2016

This paper, co-authored by Dr Jess Dart, discusses the evaluation of the national Lifetimewool project. The objective of this project was to develop practical grazing management guidelines that would enable wool growers throughout Australia to increase lifetime production of wool per hectare f...

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People-Centred Evaluation
posted by Paper presented at the 2006 Australasian Evaluation Society Conference by Dr Jess Dart and Phil McGarry on 16 Sep 2016

This paper outlines the emerging ‘People-Centred Evaluation’ (PCE) approach that guides the development of practical internal monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) frameworks for projects and programs. This approach to developing MEL frameworks is conducted in a participatory manner, an...

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What is Collaborative Outcomes Reporting?
posted by Jess and Zazie are presenting a pre-conference workshop at the AES on COR – so What is it all about? on 16 Sep 2016

Collaborative Outcomes Reporting (COR) is a participatory approach to impact evaluation. It centres on a performance story that presents evidence of how a program has contributed to outcomes and impacts. This performance story is then reviewed by both technical experts and program s...

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Evaluating 10 years later
posted by on 9 Sep 2016

Vicki, one of our Senior Consultants in WA, gives us a taster of her AES presentation.

The 2016 Australasian Evaluation Society (AES to his or her friends) conference is only 2 weeks away and I’m up to version 4 of my presentation. I expect there’ll be another 4 revisions b...

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We are Hiring!
posted by on 6 Sep 2016

Research Assistant vacancy

Clear Horizon is a vibrant consultancy business specialising in program design, evaluation and evaluation capacity building. We work across various sectors including aid and overseas development, community development and social justice, and urban and...

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A chat with Carina Calzoni, 2016 AES Conference Co-Convener
posted by on 5 Sep 2016

Two weeks to go before the 2016 AES Conference starts! Have a look at Carina Calzoni's thoughts, Clear Horizon's director in WA and Conference Co-Convener.

The 2016 AES Conference is getting very close now and we in the Organising Committee are doing our ...

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Re-visiting our New Years Eval-utions for 2016
posted by on 15 Aug 2016

It has been 6 months since some of our consultants committed to diverse New Years Eval-utions. In this blog we check in with them to see how they are progressing.


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Evaluation of the Victorian Biodiversity Strategy
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

Victoria’s current Biodiversity Strategy was released in 1997. It was published in three volumes, each with a different purpose and target audience.

  • Sustaining Our Living Wealth. Strategic framework outlining general principles against which priorities can be determined
  • Our ...

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Labour Mobility Initiative Independent Progress Report
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

Between 2011 and 2013 the Australian Government established the Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme (PSWPS). The PSWPS provided seasonal employment for workers from the Pacific and Timor-Leste in Australia. This evaluation was conducted from late 2012 until early 2013.

The report focuse...

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Regional Landcare Facilitator Initiative Evaluation 2012
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

The Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) Initiative is a federal Government initiative that works within the broader Australian Landcare movement to provide support for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management at a national level by:

  • Providing a mechanism for Landcare ...

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Pollinators Inc – Impact evaluation of a social enterprise
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

This report provides an example of an impact evaluation of a social enterprise (Pollinators Inc.) and its activities. The organisation contracted Clear Horizon to condu...

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Six normative approaches to evaluation
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

Dart, J.J. (2004) Six normative approaches to evaluation

Evaluation is used in many program contexts, in many countries and across many different disciplines. It is also used for many different purposes, and the range of things th...

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Report on outcomes and get everyone involved
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

Dart, J.J. (2008) Report on outcomes and get everyone involved: The Participatory Performance Story Reporting Technique

This paper provides an overview of the emerging technique named Participatory Performance Story Reporting tech...

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A Self-Help Guide for Implementing MSC
posted by on 11 Jul 2016

>Dart, J.J. (2003) A Self-Help Guide for Implementing the Most Significant Change Technique (MSC)
This aim of this guide is to help groups design an MSC system for their program or project. The guide ...

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Top 5 tips for evaluation capacity building in your organisation
posted by on 10 Jun 2016

In this post our Senior Consultant and evaluation theory whiz, Caitlin Barry, shares her research into making evaluation capacity building work.

Over the past decade there has been a growing emphasis worldwide on evaluation capacity building (ECB). The increasing need for organisations t...

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Can MSC play a role in program design?
posted by on 10 Jun 2016

In my most recent blog I explored a light bulb moment around Developmental Evaluation. Since then I have been musing about the role of the Most Significant Change Technique (MSC) in design and Deve...

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Welcome to the Ideas Boom
posted by Byron Pakula on 4 Apr 2016

In this post our Principal Consultant, Byron Pakula, shares some thoughts about the design, monitoring and evaluation of innovative research funds.

Across the globe, and particularly in Australia at the moment, more and more emphasis is placed on innovation. “Welcome to the Idea...

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Complexity and Evaluation – bad-breath and inspiration?
posted by Jess Dart on 22 Mar 2016

In this post our Founding Director, Dr Jess Dart, shares some reflections from the recent Complexity and Evaluation in an Uncertain World Conference in Melbourne.

A big focus of the Complexity and Evalua...

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Clear Horizon's 2016 'Eval-utions'
posted by Clear Horizon Team on 28 Jan 2016

It’s that time of the year again where we resolve to re-enter the gym; eat something that resembles a vegetable; and watch less Netflix. We at Clear Horizon are no different. We asked some of our consultants to share their resolutions or ‘eval-utions’ that will guide ...

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