Design. Evaluate. Evolve.

We facilitate program design

We co-design programs and strategies. We're leaders in facilitating program logic / theory of change and bring this expertise into all our work. Our skilled facilitators will ensure that your workshops run smoothly with respectful engagement of all participants.

We develop evaluation frameworks

Leading in the program evaluation space for over 15 years, we're known for partnering with organisations to design and implement human-centred and robust monitoring and evaluation approaches for simple -- through to even the most complex. 

We help your organisation evolve

When we work with you, we commit to helping your organisation develop clear and strategic outcomes and a clear pathway to achieving them. We are committed to setting your organisation up for the future so that you continue to learn and refine your strategy and embed a learning culture.

  • Piloting a ‘light touch’ Episode Study

    posted on 16 November 2016

    Recently we have noticed a groundswell of interest in how to evaluate policy influence; a notoriously slippery thing to catch hold of. This is in part due to the multitude of forces that drive po...

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    Evaluator interrupted

    posted on 25 October 2016

    Last week I presented a keynote at the Australian Association for Environmental Education annual conference. The conference theme was “future making”. As a mega science fiction nerd, this got me ex...

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    ‘Hold your guns, this is a Summit Workshop’

    posted on 07 October 2016

    In this blog one of our Senior Consultants Stuart Raetz shares his experience of Summit Workshops. A ‘summit workshop’ is a workshop that Clear Horizon often runs at the end of a collaborative ou...

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Our Clients

We work with government at all levels, as well as with industry bodies, international development agencies, and local and international philanthropics and non-for-profit.