Our Values

We are a value-based company and make deliberate choices about who we work with to maintain our principles of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Clear Horizon acknowledges the rights of Indigenous people both within Australia and overseas, and works proactively for social justice. We are committed to conserving Australia’s biodiversity and strengthening our local community.

We constantly strive to be a learning organisation. A key part of this is to foster a culture where constructive feedback is routinely sought from our clients and our staff, and received by all with curiosity and openness.

We strive to be a friendly and positive workplace that values our employees and respects the need for, and supports, the effective integration of work and life.

Clear Horizon Foundation

Established in 2015, the Clear Horizon Foundation supports staff to meaningfully contribute to initiatives furthering social justice and environmental sustainability – two of our core values.

Funded by a proportion of our pre-tax profit, the foundation matches every staff dollar donated to registered charities.

In 2019, we committed to supporting the Lived Experience Evaluators Project at the Asylum Seekers’ Resource Centre. Foundation distributions also supported other great causes in 2019 via the staff “Putting it Forward” program, including:

Paying it forward

A staff-driven initiative, every month one of our Clear Horizon teams selects an organisation or event to support, finding ways to get the rest of the organisation to join in. 

You might have noticed that a little pocket in Cremorne Victoria was looking pretty neat and tidy. That’s because our Operations team kicked off our 2020 Paying it Forward initiative by organising a group of staff to support Clean Up Australia Day!

Armed with gloves and rubbish bags, a group of Clear Horizon staff hit the streets this February to do their part by clearing rubbish and sorting recycling in the streets surrounding our office.


We are serious about sustainability and our impact on the world around us.

We have a passionate green team who have drive our sustainability policy, with highlights of this work including:

  • We provide facilities to support cycling to work.
  • Our offices are located close to public transport and in a central location.
  • We purchase carbon offsets when we fly.
  • We have a sustainable purchasing policy which includes only purchasing paper that does not compromise old growth forests.
  • We recycle paper, plastics, cardboard and e-waste, and divert over 70kg of organic food waste from landfill into compost.
  • We use Tri Nature cleaning products that are made from natural materials and pose no threat to our country’s ecology and fauna.