Design. Evaluate. Evolve.

We facilitate program design

We co-design programs and strategies. We're leaders in facilitating program logic / theory of change and bring this expertise into all our work. Our skilled facilitators will ensure that your workshops run smoothly with respectful engagement of all participants.

We develop evaluation frameworks

Leading in the program evaluation space for over 15 years, we're known for partnering with organisations to design and implement human-centred and robust monitoring and evaluation approaches for simple -- through to even the most complex. 

We help your organisation evolve

When we work with you, we commit to helping your organisation develop clear and strategic outcomes and a clear pathway to achieving them. We are committed to setting your organisation up for the future so that you continue to learn and refine your strategy and embed a learning culture.

  • Executive Leadership team change!

    posted on 06 December 2018

    Last month saw a significant change at Clear Horizon, with the introduction of a new leadership model to support our growth and areas of focus in line with our 2020 strategic plan. Clear Horizon, ...

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    What’s your impact!

    posted on 22 November 2018

    The term ‘impact’ is increasingly seen on products, from toilet paper to water bottles. But what does impact mean? Impact is used widely in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), with a range of definit...

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    Whose Value is It Anyway?

    posted on 20 November 2018

    The Development Assistance Committee spent around USD146.6 billion in net official development assistance in 2017. Was this money well spent? Are there more cost-effective ways of achieving the su...

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  • Organisational Outcomes

    posted on 06 November 2018

    Organisation-wide strategic and corporate plans generally outline goals and/or outcomes, and set of measures to accompany them, but they are often developed without regard to the theory(s) of chan...

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Our Clients

We work with government at all levels, as well as with industry bodies, international development agencies, and local and international philanthropics and not-for-profit.

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