The image shows a large group from Clear Horizon gathered in a social setting for a company event. The group is in a good mood, some holding drinks, and are positioned in front of a bar area with wine bottles displayed.

It’s Been A Big Year at Clear Horizon


What a ride 2023 has been. It’s incredible to look back and see how much we’ve achieved together. From exploring the use of cutting-edge AI technology through a company-wide hackathon to launching our new Short Courses and Resources hub, we’ve been embracing innovation and fresh ideas. A huge milestone has been the launch of Impact Log, the first module of our end-to-end Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning platform – Track to Change – which some of our trailblazing clients have already adopted.

We also made great strides internally to ensure our strategies bring real change. We formed our Cultural Integrity and Advisory Group which will work with us and guide us to become better First Nations’ allies and ensuring our practices reflect our commitment to cultural safety and integrity.

A project highlight in the last year has been the developmental evaluation of Regional Stewardship of Aged Care. Clear Horizon and our partner Kate McKegg have been engaged by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care to measure the progress and impact of a new reform in governance based on the concept of system stewardship. Stewardship aims to ensure the component parts of the system work together in an efficient and effective way so that older Australians receive safe, high quality aged care services and support. This complex, multi-year project is being led by Social Impact’s Zoe Enticott, and we’re excited to continue this important system reform work into 2024.

A series of successful webinars enabled us to increase our reach. Of note, Developmental Evaluation hosted by Jess Dart, starring global evaluation superstars Michael Quinn Patton, Kate McKegg, and Jamie Gamble, and ‘Making change? Tell your story ’ featuring Anna Strempel, Mutsumi Karasaki, and Ethel Karskens, with the latter being by far our most successful session to date recording a smashing 450 registrations.

In October, we launched the “Systems Transformation Unit”, headed by Jess Dart, Lucia Boxelaar, and Zazie Tolmer. The purpose of the unit is to actively contribute to challenging and rethinking evaluation practice to support systems transformation movements, efforts, and collaborations.

Leadership changes have brought fresh perspectives and energy and we’ve welcomed 11 new stars to our team. Their energy and ideas have been infectious! And, of course, a massive thanks for all the great contributions of our staff who have moved on to new and exciting opportunities this year, and for everyone who participated in our online courses, virtual sessions, and the AES conference.

To celebrate this incredible year, we hosted a virtual Clear Horizon party for our team across states and countries. Our Melbourne contingent gathered for drinks and food afterwards, where we snapped this photo. We are looking forward to a 2024 filled with growth, innovation, fresh perspectives, and impact for us and for you.