People, ping pong and healthier lunches – what we’re looking forward to in 2021

For many of us, the start of 2021 has felt very much the same as the last few months of 2020: there’s still much uncertainty and many things put on hold as we wait for a global vaccination roll-out.

In the interim, we thought we’d put into practice one of the lessons learnt from 2020 – time for reflection and focusing on the small, good things to get us through. So we asked the Clear Horizon team what learnings from 2020 they’ll be bringing into the new year, what they’re looking forward to.

“Spending time together face to face in our new office. Our end of year get-together was so fantastic, and while we have come to love many aspects of virtual meetings, and have honed our online facilitation, it was a reminder that it can be surprisingly lovely to meet in person. So now comes the year where we perfect the hybrid model?”
– Jess Dart, Founding Director, Health Futures Lead

“I’m looking forward to graduating and finishing my studies this year. I’m also looking forward to going back into the office and seeing everyone again and getting back in the routine of exercising as well as our epic ping pong battles at lunch.”
– Kim Saldago, BI Developer

“It feels like last year pushed us 10 years into the future. We’ve all be dragged (some kicking and screaming) into online learning. Many of us have experienced how great it can be when done well and how truly awful it is when done poorly (somehow worse than my first year chemistry lecturer who scrawled illegibly on a blackboard with his back to the room mumbling to himself). So this year, I’m excited about continuing to explore how to design and deliver truly engaging participatory online learning experiences that surpass face-to-face learning – yes, it’s possible!”
– Cam Elliott, Head of the Clear Horizon Academy

“When we began working remotely, we decided to start each day with a 15 minute team check-in – who’s doing what, who needs help with what. We found it so valuable that we’re keeping this habit, despite returning to a physical office. It’s made us more attuned to what’s going on for each of us, each day, and helps us better share the load in terms of our team’s work.”
– Lee-Anne Molony, Director

“I am looking forward to the new normal of being back in the office a few days a week and working alongside colleagues but also keeping up the exercise and (the more healthier!) eating habits I established whilst working from home.”
– Jenny Riley, Chief Digital & Data Officer